what's cameo

Cameo is a trademark of Cameo Media S.L., an audiovisual content management company whose mission is to lead the marketing of independent films, documentaries and TV series on DVD, Blu-ray, and various forms of online media. Cameo is today the top independent "home cinema" distribution company in Spain.

Founded in July 2003 by Juan Carlos Tous, a recognised industry professional, Cameo has become the leading company for national and international independent films in Spain. The company is comprised of some of the most important companies in the film industry: El Deseo, Golem, Tornasol Films and Wanda Visión.

Commitment to independent cinema

In the audiovisual market, not all genres were covered. The independent and experimental films market and documentaries are our main niche. Until the birth of Cameo, no company took responsibility for marketing this type of work. This material was distributed by large companies that did not pay enough attention either to its video-graphic operations or marketing to TV broadcasters or online platforms. Cameo was born and grows with and for independent film.

Our goals

Cameo's main mission is to bring those works which, due to their independent nature, are difficult to find in traditional trade channels to the public on DVD and/or Blu-ray in the best condition and in the highest quality.

We work with the rights holders to try to be the best distributor possible: one who lets product quality prevail over other factors.

With our clients, we strive for excellence. We want our product to arrive at their establishments as a result of impeccable service and high management efficiency.

Without the creators, we would not exist. They are our reason for being. We seek to support new and established talent and integrate them into our market. We want to continue getting excited with each new title and to give it form.

We promise the consumers of our titles quality and conviction in all we do. We improve every day so that we can edit those titles that interest us and do it in the best quality.

Comprehensive distribution

Since 2013, Cameo has also been working on the distribution of films to movie theatres in order to offer a comprehensive service to producers. The aim is to provide our customers with access to independent works in all different distribution formats, from theatres to domestic consumption, either in a physical format (DVD and Blu-ray) or through VOD on the Internet or on TV. We started in September 2013 with "Barcelona nit d'estiu" (Dani de la Orden, 2013). Later, we added other titles like "El Culo del Mundo" (Andreu Buenafuente, 2014), "Gente en Sitios" (John Cavestany, 2014), "El Somni del Celler de Can Roca" (Franc Aleu, 2014), "Un cuento francés" (Jaoui, 2014) and "De Caballos y Hombres" (Benedikt Erlingsson, 2013).


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Wanda Visión
Producción y distribución
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Tornasol Films
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